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2002 Toyota RAV4 Question: My 2002 Rav4 struggles to start after it has been sat over night.

My 2002 Rav4 D4D struggles to start after it has been sat over night, it starts eventually after 4 or five tries. Once it starts and warms up the problem disappears until it cools again. Whilst driving it struggles to pick up speed anything above 35/40 mph. Had the EGR valve removed and cleaned twice recently. OBD11 metere brings up fault P0627- fuel pump control circuit / open. Cleared code in case it was an old stored uncleared code but no change comes back with same. Also changed glow plugs recently. -
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you need to have it ck'd by your mech that code can be a issue beyond you. you mean spark plugs. yes ? -
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Hi thanks for the reply, its a diesel so its Glow plugs that I had recently changed!! -