My 2002 Ford explorer sportrac. tries to die when stopped at a light. on 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

The check engine light is on I was told it was the mass air flow sensor. I had that and the fuel filter replaced. Still doing it not as bad but still does it makes the whole trk shake like it is losing power. where do I go from here

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Also has a history of intake gasket/seals go bad causing vacuum leak. Probably reason for the MAF sensor code. Have it tested.
Didn't see a code mentioned! Just told that it was the maf but i hope it was at least tested with a code reader.?.
Who knows.
CK Eng lite on was told MAF, so assume it was Auto Zone. maybe so maybe no. Hi
yes Auto Zone
got about 10 codes. They said it all relates to MAF so that is where I started.
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