2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Q&A

2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Question: My 2002 Ford explorer sportrac. tries to die when stopped at a light.

The check engine light is on I was told it was the mass air flow sensor. I had that and the fuel filter replaced. Still doing it not as bad but still does it makes the whole trk shake like it is losing power. where do I go from here -
Answer 1
To a repair shop for diagnosis, testing and repair! -
Answer 2
Also has a history of intake gasket/seals go bad causing vacuum leak. Probably reason for the MAF sensor code. Have it tested. -
Comment 1
Didn't see a code mentioned! Just told that it was the maf but i hope it was at least tested with a code reader.?. Who knows. -
Comment 2
CK Eng lite on was told MAF, so assume it was Auto Zone. maybe so maybe no. Hi -
Comment 3
yes Auto Zone got about 10 codes. They said it all relates to MAF so that is where I started. -