my 2002 ford explorer recirculate door is not closing when AC Max is selected. on 2002 Ford Explorer

The door is not broken, I can use a long screwdriver or something to close manually. When I close manually and turn my AC on only the drivers side vents cool, the passenger side vents blow warm air. I do not have a dual control system. The rear blower and vents are also cool. I have heard no clicking noise from the dash. My refridgerant levels are normal on the high pressure side and also the low pressure side. I have noticed that there is also not nearly the amount of condensation dropping from beneath the car as before.

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Sounds like one or more of your door actuators is not working correctly. I would have a shop scan the the door movement to isolate which door or doors are not functioning correctly, there are sensors that track the movement of the doors as they open and close.

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i changed the blend foor actuator and motor and it made no difference. The air does get a slight bit colder when engine running at higher RPMS, but only on drivers side. I looked at the vacuum cannisters in glove box area(selenoid looking things), one does not seem to move much while swithing airflow and vents. Early in the summer the first thing I noticed that was happening is that at idle RPM's it was not very cold, it would get much colder when giving it some gas. I assumed that it just needed coolant at that time, but the levels were oK when I went to fill it. would a OBD reader tell me what I need to know about fixing this problem without replacing parts one by one and having the dash apart many times?