My 2001 ford Taurus automatic transmission stopped pulling. I have never had any on 2001 Ford Taurus

Coming home from work I was driving and my car seemed to switch to neutral, no forward or reverse drive. No warnings, just stopped, part is all that worked. A hour passed and it did go into reverse but really weak and only for a moment.

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ck fluid level to start with. also ck and see if fluid is red or did it burn and turn black?
yes the fluid level is fine, but it is dark in color. last night it did try to move on it's own after it cooled down, but this morning it would not do anything.As I said before, there were no warning signs, it just stopped pulling as I was driving down the road. No reverse or drive gears.
Thank you though for any information you may have. I'm looking at $2500. to rebuild which I can't afford and 1500 for a used one installed. But hoping for a simple fix.
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