My 2001 ford expedition is intermittent stalling on 2001 Ford Expedition

My 2001 ford expedition is intermittent stalling i wait 1/2 hr starts up full power, drive for awhile/days does it again no codes to speak of, acting like its choking due to lack of gas, im lost only ride i have

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No codes to speak of. Are there any codes at all?
so there was this angry guy I saw on a pogo stick the other day , I asked what's up ----- He said he was hopping mad.......sorry , just trying for a reply and your the one that started this anyhow...........let's see if it works.
I keep thinking about the lady with the Subaru, sometimes within our jokes may be some useful info. Sometimes!
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Any other symptoms/conditions besides acting like it's starving for fuel? Does check engine light come on at all BEFORE it stalls? Is it stalling while cruising or when coming to a stop??-- Just a few of the many things to observe , that may be helpful.