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2001 Cadillac DeVille DTS Question: mY 2001 DEVILLE DTS KEEPS STALLING!!

YEa I also have a 2001 DTs it only has 102k miles, I stall out time to time while idle never when giving gas, and sometimes its hard to start, I even recently noticed the rpms going up to 3 when i'n not giving gas, I changed the fuel pump, had a tune up, but it still gives the same problems from time to time, and also my computer keeps telling me to check coolant, and tire pressure??? my brother has a 02 dhs and the same problems any ideas? -
Answer 1
Had the same problem with my 01 deville with the high idleing or low idleing, I replaced the idle control sensor , problem fixed... just 2 days ago caddy jus tricked the 410 code secondary air injection system but this system has many parts any advice on where I shoud start looking to fix the problem? -
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did you replace it if so how long did it take and how much was the part let me know please i have the same problem send me an email please krazykarl1983@yahoo.com -
Answer 2
Have the knock sensor replaced, your car has 2 of them... -
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