My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee has fine oil pressure when driving but low at idle. on 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When driving the oil pressure is fine, but when the car is at normal temp. and I have to stop for a light, the oil pressure gauge drops until the 'Check Gauge' light comes on, the car runs fine, no erratic behavior and then when I put my foot on the gas, the oil pressure goes back up to normal. I have replaced the oil sending unit twice, dropped the oil pan and put in a new oil pump and filter, cleaned oil pan and replaced everything I could think of and also had a mechanic put a manual oil pressure gauge and he said the pressure was fine,no knocking .... I'm stumped so I thought I would ask the 'Pros' .... you guys, any clues ...? Could it be the oil pressure gauge? If so, I would have to replace the entire cluster of gauges as they are not able to be installed separately.

Thanks in advance for any replies and all the best ....

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if u did a oil pressure test w/ a reliable gauge and its fine you are good. the gauge may be the issue did you call to see if your cluster can be repaired? poss good used out of wrecking yard
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