My 2000 Ford Rangers Tail lighs and dash lights dont work on 2000 Ford Ranger

My 2000 ford ranger tail and dash lights dont work. the brake lights work but the tails and licence plate light dont work.

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First check all the bulbs, which are different than the brake light bulbs. then check all the fuses, then if they are all ok, inspect your head light switch which turns on the tail lights and dash lights.
tried that and it did not work

what next thank you
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I am lost - same 1995. I was moving dirt - a wire fell down - turns out most likely from unused towing - I dont. I tucked it under the bumper and the tail light and tag light blinked - and were gone.

Checked all fuses - and in the manual there is no reference to a fuse for tail lights - dash lights and tag light - all three out - no bad fuses and I think they are all linked.

Can someone please tell me what is going on here? I could not get Ford to help and I can't get it inspected. Thanks