My 2000 Cad. Deville on 2000 Cadillac DeVille

My car was actually okayas fair as running then I got a crack in the front plastic piece thats on side of radiator. Only when warmed up it would start to release steam , so I would turn it off let it cool add more fluid, never let it get hot. Then I got a new radiator for it and me and my boyfriend installed it. When we took it out of the box I noticed it was a bit different , called shop. they said it was the right radiator , so we installed it and 2 gallons of antifreeze/ coolant. took it for test drive , 2 miles down road it started to get warm but I turned it off , cooled it drove straight home parked it . Called radiator shop they gave me mans # for car repairs. They have done all kinds of things and ended up blowing my top radiator hosr causing my car to overheat. Im goin crazy here. it ran fine till the new radiator was put on and no one is listening to me. What to do?

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This has gotten quite convoluted; I would really suggest getting the car to a qualified technician to diagnose and repair it.

Sometimes replacement radiators are slightly different looking, depending on the manufacturer. You may have had an air pocket in the cooling system that initially caused your overheat on the new radiator.

Entirely too hard to determine based on the amount of folks involved and the questionable diagnostic process so far. To get this right, you need to get it to a known quality shop.