My 1999 Toyota Camry will not start. on 1999 Toyota Camry

We have replaced the battery a few months ago along with the starter. The car drove fine for a few months and then the radiator needed replaced, which we did and it ran again fine for another month. As I was driving home from work it the car cut off completely without any strange noises or smoke, loss of power. It felt like the car was shut off and it had no power, lights or anything. I thought maybe the battery cable popped off so I checked under the hood. Saw nothing unusual and attempted to start it several times. By the last try my lights came back on and it started right up, so I drove it home and now it will no longer start. I had suspected the new battery may be faulty and we had it tested at auto zone. It was fine. My next thought is the alarm anti theft engine kill Start. I tried the clicker and the car acted very strange. Power locks will not lock with clicker or with switch on the door. Interior Lights come on but radio will not. Checked all fuses and found nothing. Tried jumping it several times and no luck. Not sure what to do, any suggestions are appreciated!

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Check the engine & body grounds, actually take them loose and clean them before putting them back on. If you have a voltage tester, or VOM you could find them a lot quicker.
It ended up needing new battery cables! Thanks for your suggestion. I was wiggling the ground wire around and power kept going on and off. Husband just got her running again! The Camry lives again! :)
That's great; Happy Motoring!
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