My 1999 mk4 is throwing codes p0341 and p1580. on 1999 Volkswagen GTI

It was starting up and I would put it in gear and drive and around 2500 rpm I would lose all power and it would stall on me. Now, it won't even start.

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po341 is camshaft position sensor and p1580 is throttle actuator. i suggest you hav ethese diag by your mech these can be tricky.
which vehicle are you referring to??

It's a 1999.5 GTI MK4...I replaced the camshaft position sensor and it's still showing the code...and still won't I still have the two codes...
did you do a compression test to verify timing belt??


if the timing belt broke or jumped time, it will set a cam sensor code. the spark plugs have to be removed and a tester installed for the amount of compression.

Do you think that could be the reason that I lose power at 2500 rpm and basically stall? Or do you think since I replaced the throttle body, TPS, and camshaft position sensor I just need it reprogrammed with VAG-COM?