my 1999 buick century won't shift gears on 1999 Buick Century

I have just repaired the lower and upper intake problem and then my starter acted up, and and when i went to test drive it the transmission won't shift , it will move but it stays in 1st gear, revearse works fine.if anyone has a answer please tell me as i can't afford a new car right now

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Check engine light on? It should be!
yea it's on,I put code reader on it and it showed the tps sensor
That's your shift problem!! Recheck your work for a pinched wire to the tps etc...Tps signal has a mojor effect on trans shift.!!!!!
thanks for the advise the tps fixed the problem
Glad to help out!
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Check the grounds at the rear of the engine/transaxle.
thanks I,ll do that
Did it shift before u fixed intake problem?
yea it was fine
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