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1999 Acura TL Question: my 1999 acura TL, 3.2L v6 temp gauge says its running hot but I have no heat?

I have already found the actual radiator cap to be faulty, the whole spring mech was missing and it was just dumping coolant to the overflow tank. so I replaced that and I also replaced the thermostat. is there an coolant bleeder valve that i'm not seeing or is there another issue I should be considering? -
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replace your thermostat..follow the shop manual for your car when doing so -
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thermostat has been replaced. did it this morning. it was really easy. still no difference. the car seems to get hot fast but I have no heat. also, it seems that the cooling fans only turn on if a) a/c is on. or b) right after I turn the car OFF. I don't understand what the problem is. is there still air in the system? I feel like I got it all out but... Did the heater core go? Maybe there is an obstruction somewhere. I NEED HELP!!! Please email after 500pm unex3007@yahoo.com need tis car fixed asap! Help! -