My 1997 Toyota Camry has just developed an oil leak. on 1997 Toyota Camry

It seems to be leaking from the front main seal. There is no leak when the car is parked or idling- only when moving. How difficult/costly would this repair be? Is it ok to drive as long as the oil level is checked daily and replenished as needed?

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This car doesen't have a history for rear main seal leaks.More likely leaking
from the front of the engine.Cam seai,crank seal oil pump seal ect.This would be a good
time to replace timing belt, water pump and all seals up front of the engine.
Also valve cover gasket and pcv valve.
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make sure it isnt one of your motor mounts. It cost me 1200 dollars because the dealer didnt realize the motor mounts were hydraulic and one was ruptured