My 1997 Malibu runs for 15 or 20 minutes, then stalls. Restarts after 15 minutes on 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

I have had the codes checked and the the crankshaft sensor does not show as a problem. What else can I try? The car does not indicate that it is running hot and the temperature gauge is in the normal operating range, however I did notice that the cooling fans do not seem to come on, I have checked all the fuses and they look to be okay. This has happened on and off for a year. The theft light sometimes comes on, but not all the time when the car does this. Could my key chain be too heavy?

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Sounds like a relearn, but is the security light on while you wait for restart? Probably needs a scantool hooked up scanning data when it stalls to verify shutdown problem, and maybe a fuel pressure gauge to verify fuel pump operation. It's hard to find some malfunctions when things are running fine. If a Tech2 scanner is used it could show history data or passed & failed data. Code readers will not retrieve hidden codes. Hope this helps.
Thanks for your reply. In answer to your question about the security light, it had come on once or twice, but not the last several times, while I waited for restart. If it is a relearn issue, is that something the dealer would have to do or can a person with intermediate skills perform this task? I had the engine rebuilt almost a year ago, but I did not start having this problem until after about 6,000 miles after rebuild.
A professional shop should have the ability to diagnose this problem. The thing tat sticks out as I re-read this is your fuel filter may be a big issue which will cause the fuel pump problems.
Thank you for your advice. I have since replaced the fuel filter and the camshaft sensor, but the problem persists. Before the car stalls I get a warning chime, but no check engine light or theft light system light comes on. I'm at the end of my rope. I had this engine rebuilt 3,500 miles ago and was very costly, I need some help I'm on a fixed income and I need my vehicle for doctor's appointments. Please help.
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