My 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 power windows do not work from either side. on 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

I took a test light and checked motors. All have power to them. Ground is good. I bought a new motor and hooked it up. Still nothing. I have power at the switch also.

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What does the ground is "good" mean? Instead of a testlight, try something that will draw a little more current, which of course one of your motors would work but if you have one, a headlight makes for a nice analog. With the "load" connected, take a voltmeter and connect one lead to the battery negative post. Connect the other lead to one of the motor connections. Moving the switch one way should show battery voltage (12.5v), moving it the other way should show ground (0v) and of course the headlight if used should light up, or the motor should be running. Repeat the test on the other terminal and post the results. They should be opposite and you should see full system voltage and no higher voltage on the ground connection than about .2v. (Two tenths of a volt) Post your results if you can.
Hi, sorry been out of town for a bit and havent had time to mess with the windows until today. I put a volt meter on the switch. I have 12.5 volts when the switch is press in either direction. I ran a hot and ground to the motor. And the window went up!! Bad switch?
Possibly, you have a bad ground circuit which the switch is part of.
I have the exact same problem. When I jump the window motor it works. The switches are both functioning properlyand the fuse is good. Niether window works though. Where is the ground for this circut?
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Wait a moment, you have 'battery voltage' and ground at the window motor connector and the new motor still will not run in either direction when the switch is pressed, is that correct?
Yes that is correct.