My 1996 Buick Park Avenue Ultra is sagging low in the back. on 1996 Buick Park Avenue

My Buick is riding really low, dont think it's the shocks because it dosent bounce around alot. Really I dont know what is causing this sagging can somebody please point me in the right direction? Thank You And Merry Christmas To All!

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If you have a load level feature on this vehicle it could be a problem with this system. Contact me for more help
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springs hold a car up, not shocks. they are probably worn out from age. get a bid for this repair from a shop.

Springs wear out but the good news is the springs are very inexpensive and you can replace them yourself in your driveway with a jack and simple hand tools.
I just went through this problem on my 97 PA. One of the biggest issues here is the OEM pump for the auto leveling feature, located under the right rear fender behind the wheel, has an inlet filter in the frame rail right by the pump which alows water salt and dirt to enter the pump module. The end result is the valve seats in the pump module corrode and leak causing the pump to run excessively and some times burn out. There is a pump module rebuilder online ( and Autozone sells the shocks. Troubleshoot first. I would explain more but I am only alowed so many characters.