my 1995 millenia s is over heating why on 1995 Mazda Millenia

ive changed the water pump and thermostat and the timing belt was changed and there is no oil in water or water in oil and there is no water coming out of the exhaust but still it over heats and even the fans come on

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Radiator could be plugged. Other option is to turn the heater on in the car. If the heat doesn't constantly flow then the heater core is plugged and needs backflushed or replaced.
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Lots of things could be causing your problem. Did the car ever overheat? It could have damaged the cylinder heads and/or gaskets. Even though there is no coolant in the exhaust or oil you may have combustion gases in your cooling system. Other possible causes could be the radiator being plugged or another restriction in the cooling system.
i had everything checked on it and the radiator is fine and all and no gases in coolant but when i took out the thurmastat and went to put water in it it wouldnt go into engine through where u put it in it just filled up and never went to the engine i think it might be clogged up somewhere