My 1994 Ford Explorer shuts off when I switch gears. on 1994 Ford Explorer

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The truck will turn on no problem, but as i go to pull it out or go forward it shuts off. If it does happen to run it only goes for 5-10 min and will shut off as soon as i break or slow down.
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Can you get your truck to shut off just by pressing on the brake pedal? The reason why I ask this is it sounds like your Ford shuts off each time you press the brake pedal which you must do to go from park to reverse, drive, etc or when you brake to slow down. This could be from a large vacuum leak involving the brake booster. Does the Check Engine/Service Engine Soon Light ever come on? If so, you could have a tech pull the code and that could provide some more help in solving the mystery.
I am having this problem also when i put my ford into gear it dies if i roll it down the driveway and jump in it will run but when i slow it dies changed the fuel pump and disconnect the breaK booster does not make a difference