1994 Honda Civic Q&A

1994 Honda Civic Question: my 1994 civic ex AT 1.6 is using excessive fuel & check engine light is on.

i changed plugs,wires,new distributor, set timing, changed o2 sensor and light went off for app.50 miles and came back on still using excessive gas -
Answer 1
Have you pulled the codes? If not, do that and repost please. -
Answer 2
Test fuel pressure.post returned code, Did you use OEM parts? -
Answer 3
find a shop or someone who can pull obd1 codes from your honda...should be straightforward -
Comment 1
Aren't you amazed when the actual person that asked the question replies? Can they 'pull the codes' in reverse? Is chocolate pudding a good source of fiber? -
Comment 2
Yes, codes may be pulled in drive, neutral, park and even reverse... Chocolate pudding itself is not a good source of fiber. -