my 1994 buick park avenue ultra car started having problems starting. on 1994 Buick Park Avenue

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About a week ago my car started having problems starting. After it had already been running and you cut it off and tried to restart it it would seem as if the battery was dead, but if it sits for 45min or so it starts right back up . Today it cut off while driving. After i popped the hood I noticed the water hose was contracted ( squeezed together ). I removed the radiator cap and it went back to normal, but the car would not start . It cranks over but won't start up . I can't hear hear the fuel pump so I don't know if it's that or one of the sensors. PLEASE HELP !
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It sounds like you may have more that one problem with your 1994 Buick Park Ave. The no start when the engine has just been turned off is generally caused by a faulty starter or cable connection issue. The collapsed hose is due to low engine coolant - you most likely have a leak somewhere. Now it won't start at all - you will need to find out if the engine is not getting spark or fuel and then figure out why not. The fuel pump should run for only a few seconds after the ignition is turned on and the engine is not running. If you find that you need the help of a repair shop please use the following link to find one near you - Remember, once you Buick is running again you will probably still have the coolant leak and starter issues to address.