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1992 Toyota Camry Question: My 1992 Toyota Camry will not go shift into gears

You can start the car and it will go fine maybe a few feet maybe a half of a mile then the RPM's shoot and the car will not go into any gear..u can turn the car off and back on again and then it goes on again..but same thing happens...what do i need to do? HELP POOR MOM cant afford a new car!! -
Answer 1
if it is a stick, it needs a clutch. if it is an automatic, check the fluid. it may be an internal failure. Roy -
Comment 1
we checked the fluid..it was a little low...he put some in .. that did not help...should we drain all the fluid and put back in...it is an automatic -
Comment 2
Hey man.. I get the exact problem... Tell me what you did after that?? -
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