My 1992 Jeep Wrangler has a difficult time sustaining speeds above 55mph. Why? on 1992 Jeep Wrangler

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While on the highway, i can get to 55 mph with no problem, but it seems like it has not power to get and maintain at 65mph. I usually have to downshift.
How can i get it to have more power and drive it at 70mph with out any issues?
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Simple anwser is to take it to reliable shop that can diagnose and repair your car. It could be several differant thangs that can cause that problem you discribe. I could only guess at least 10 different things to check and test.
I took it to a reputable mechanic. He found some issue with distributor cap, and cables. Also something to do with timing.
$650 ran better as it does not loose speed as drastic but still loose power.
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Have you called the shop or taken it back to that shop and told them that it still has a problem? It may have needed some obvious past due mainteneance things and that was part of the problem but not all. Who knows they could have made a mistake and need to recheck their repairs.
No, not yet
As my name say, I am jeep rookie or should i say car rookie.
What can you advice me so that I can go in there talking like I at least know a little bit.?
What are things they should have reviewed?
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Simple thing to say is its running better but I still have a problem. Will you please take a another look at my car? They cannot help you if they don't know your are having a problem. If they are truly repuatable they will get to the bottom of your problem.
See if they will go on a test drive with you , so you can explain and show them exactly what you are experiencing. It may be normal for a 4cyl. jeep with a 5 speed manual trans. But unless they can actually experience what your talking about no one will really be able to say. Let us know what happens.