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1992 Ford Bronco Question: My 1992 Bronco 5.0 has a faint knock when cold , but it gets worse

After it warms up the oil pressure drops , and the knocking gets louder . The oil pump in going , but what can the knock be , and what can I do to fix it ? This always happens , it seems fine when cold , though when giving gas at idle the knock will get a little louder , but faint still -
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yes, i agree -
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yes -
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Thanks , I was looking for an answer about the knock though , the oil pump has to go , you're right . -
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It's no spring chicken-it's twenty years old.Sounds like the crankshaft and/or connecting rod bearings are shot.Time for an overhaul or another motor.If the car has not seen regular oil changes,this could be accelerated wear due to a clogged screen on the oil pump. Someone could hook up a gauge to the motor and determine if oil pressure is adequate. (We had a T-Bird with 5.0 that had this same condition-it will only get louder,and eventually blow up) -
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I had just brought the bronco , so I'm not sure about oil changes . It seems tight , except for the knock . Oil looks new , so I'm looking for a reman or another 5.0 with low miles to put in , thanks . -
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i had a 1995 cougar that did the same thing..but only when idled over 2 grand...and i that was due to a spun bearing..if you mud the truck that could be the issue.. -