my 1991 buick lesabre cranks but no start - no spark at all on 1991 Buick LeSabre

changed cam & crank sensors - still no spark in any of the wiring to the coil pack - where is the "engine control module" on this car. can't find info online - please help

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The IGNITION MODULE is under the coil pack, the thing that ALL the plug wires go to.
Both module and coil pack needs to be replaced at the same time! This is most likely your trouble.
thanks pushrod - thats where everything seems to be directing me...thanks for the confirmation
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yup - thats another confirmation - thanks to all you guys!
You bet!
I would check the resistance on the coils first if they are ok then I would check the power going to the module if there is no power then I would check for broken wire or a bad pcm
thanks goodguy - wires are old, i'll see to replacing with the module & coilpack