my 06 commander makes noise and leaks oil when the front ac is turned on? on 2006 Jeep Commander

i noticed that when the truck is running i can hear one of the pulleys around the serpantine belt scrubbing. i can tap it and it stops. last night i see fluid on the ground and it making lots of noise and if i turn off the front ac unit it goes away followed by a clicking noise under the dashboard. What should i be looking for?

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A Technician to look at this for you as we cannot! By your discription the ac compressor seems to be suspect but it really needs to be checked hands on. All ac systems produce fluid (water) that drips onto the ground when running!
10-4, i was looking at it early this morning and i noticed the fluid leaking is from the engine coolant and narrowed it down to the water pump.
V-6, small 8, or Hemi? Reason i ask is Hemi can appear to be H20 pump, may be other!
v6, i also found the tensioner pulley locked up