My 03 pilot ~155000 miles makes a clicking noise in the front right when turning on 2003 Honda Pilot

Can you tell me what suspension part needs to be replaced?

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This is usually a sign of a failing CV joint. When you turn on a bad CV joint, the bearings bounce around in the worn unit causing the clicking noise you are hearing. Best to replace the whole half-shaft if this is your problem. Aftermarkets are not too expensive for this part.
Thankyou, I've already bought new struts and sway bar links so I'll probably get them all put on at the same time.
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repl parts you hav and see if that fixes issues
Depending on 2 things , 1 , if you're actually checking these replies and 2 what specific type of 'click' you're hearing , have the connection between the right intermediate shaft and axle inspected. If they are seperating at all , replace BOTH pieces.
Steering and suspension parts should be inspected but often the front drive axles make a clicking noise on turns particularly when accelerating. Look at your axle boots to see if one of them has split open thus allowing grease to sling out and causes the C/V axle joint to wear.
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