My 03 Altima 3.5L Is going through Oil with New Motor even after break in period on 2003 Nissan Altima

Nissan put a new motor in my 03 Altima 3.5L June of this year and it is going through Oil as much as it was before the new Motor. Is it true that with the new Motor I got are they suppose to run Conventional oil through the new engine during the break in period then change it to the Synthetic?

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urn and ask ? should be under warranty
Yes the Motor has a Warranty a hundred thousand miles or 3 years but Nissan is being difficult about the whole thing and they r the ones who got the motor and put it in. The Motor they got was an after market Motor with Steel rings.
Just what I thought
I think the oil that I am going through is going straight to the new Cadillac Converters.I could be wrong.
The only way oil can go through the catalytic converter is if the engine is burning oil. If the rings are bad or valves you will burn oil!!
New engine even if aftermarket or rebuilt should not burn oil.
Tell them to change engine or fix it. Bring em to court if you have to!!!

I do not know why a Dealer would not get a factory engine, unless it was too much money ?
Some oil companies say no; I'm old school, still run non-detergent oil on first 2500 miles, then change to other oils after rings seat and stops losing oil. Others can tell you anything they want, but it worked before and still works now. Old times can be good times today. Good Luck.