2001 Lincoln Navigator Q&A

2001 Lincoln Navigator Question: My 01 Lincoln navigator is not turning over it is just making a ticking sound

it's doing is making a tiking sound and that's it. I replaced the starter alternator and the starter solenoid And Now it's not starting and -
Answer 1
Is it still ticking, or is the starter turning the engine now. -
Comment 1
It's only ticking and the starter is Not engaging and turning the flywheel over. -
Comment 2
Ok Check your battery cables and connections, if they are universal cable ends, use a 7/16" and loosen the bolts to remove the cables and clean both. Check the ground cable connection at the engine and make sure it is clean and tight. There is a bad connection somewhere if the battery and starter are new. If possible maybe use a hammer to rap on the starter while trying to start to make sure the starter isn't the problem. Last make sure the engine is not locked up and not able to turn. -