My 01 Camry jerks when I take off from a dead stop. on 2001 Toyota Camry

When I take off from a dead stop, it jerks. Seems to shift real hard. The motor is running fine, I'm suspecting transmission problems. And, transmission fluid IS full.
Seems to be sporadic, one day it will do it, not the next. And not every time I stop, does it do it.
Have tried fuel injector cleaner (Sea Foam), no change. Also tried gas treatment, seemed to help, but could be a fluke.
Just normal driving, going down the road, shifts fine.

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Does your check engine light come on at all too? Do you notice that this happens more when your gas starts to get low and then clears out after you fill up your tank and restart it a few times? If so, you might just need to change your spark plugs (and possibly wires or coils depending on what you have). I would recommend you go get your computer read somewhere that does it free, like one of the auto parts stores and see if it comes up that it's misfiring. Good luck! That's a super cheap fix! :)