2005 Ford Mustang GT Q&A

2005 Ford Mustang GT Question: Mustang GT 2005 won't start =(

I drove my GT yesterday as usual...to work, then to the Mall, I was on a car jam, then the supermarket. After that, when I tried to start it..NOTHING...just a "click"sound and everything else turns on (radio, lights, alarm), but the car just won't start! It has happened to me before, but this time nothing seems to start the car.HELP!!! -
Answer 1
Sounds like a bad battery or a dirty/loose battery cable connection. You may also have a problem with the security system, but I would look into the battery first. Have you tried jump starting it? -
Answer 2
Start with the battery. If a jump doesn't help, then you will work your way back up the starting/charging system to the starter, etc. If it is not the battery, you should take it in to be worked on. -
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