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1205 E Thompson Blvd, Ventura, CA 93001

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Muschamp Auto Repair Incorporated
April 23, 2013

Review for Muschamps Auto Sales 1205 E. Thompson Blvd. Suite "A" Ventura, CA 93001 This is for the Muschamps Used Auto lot , the Dismantling part is closed; they have the car lot and a repair shop behind the car lot. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR LOT/ DEALER When I got there the office was open (door wide open) and empty. A boy came over from the car repair in back lot, and said the sales lady was out. I said I was interested in the VW Bug. He said he'd call her. He was a boy and not a licensed car salesperson. But he opened the car, started it up, ran the windows/moon-roof. Talked to me about the engine, price,financing etc. The sales woman came. after 15 minutes...not a word about the car; in 5 seconds she was on her computer getting me the 'out-the-door' price, and asking was I fully financed for the $7200 for the 2003 vw. I said I would be within the week, and wanted to test drive it. She said no! Said I wasn't financed, gas was pricey and that I did not seem ok with the price! I have pre-approval from my bank for $6K, and have another $3K in cash -- so I darn well could buy that car! Who would be with no talk about the price, no talk about the car, and not able to test drive! I said I wanted a 5-10 test drive. She said no, seemed upset I'd done computer research on other vw/prices in Los Angeles / Reseda area. She then said, "Maybe a VW is not for you, maybe you need to look at other cars..." I assume she meant cheaper. I have in loan plus cash (in a week) or less. Why would I commit to a price before driving the car and having it checked out by MY mechanic?! Isn't this used car 101?' The way she tried to steer me away from that car to other models, made me fear the cute vw was a decoy car??? Anyway don't shop with this 'family run" business at all, but if you must -- and you want to test drive a car, LIE -- you ARE fully financed that very second... and you ABSOLUTELY love the current asking price... even with the blind fold on (what color is the car again?) oh but I jest. Anyway, instead of dealing with all that silliness and possible conniving, just go a bit down Thompson road and see Reliable Auto Sales; just met them today, no relation, not friends -- Ask for Tom, he's going to keep an eye out for a vw bug for me, and you know, he said he'd be glad to have me test drive it! Oh and Tom knew nothing about Muschamp's sales lady's claim that insurance "made her take a specific, designated route." That was simply not true. If you want to deal with rudeness, untruths, boys not salespeople 'selling cars' and pressure to commit to the current asking price and prove financing in the first 5 minutes, this place is what you're looking for. Not me, I test drive a used car; everyone should. Ask yourself this, if they will break the lic regulations, strong arm people to accept price with out seeing the car in action, what else will they do? The place used to be run by an older man, she says that's her father in law, now retired... wonder how he likes her customer service and management skills? And what he thinks that I let the lic agency know of unlicensed son showing cars. She did me a favor really, I'm so GLAD I didn't buy a car there, as I do not trust them. Go to Cargurus.com or Reliable Auto Sales, or a reference from your own mechanic, before this crazy place! -- RS Here is the address to complain to the licensing board for used car dealers... if you DO shop here and later have issues: I already let the board know they are having an unlicensed young man show their cars, including starting the cars, and talk of the engine, pricing , financing and other features of the cars. I hope they send s 'test customer" over to the lot. Dept of Motor Vehicles Investigations, District Office 1732 Palma Dr #202 Ventura, CA 93003-5717 And here is the link to their complaint form: http://apps.dmv.ca.gov/forms/inv/inv172a.pdf

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