Multile Warning Lights that come and go on 1999 Volvo S70

Over past 9 months my Volvo runs fine, but has several warning lights. First the radiator coolant light came on, but the car runs at normal temp. Then ABS light started coming on, but usually goes off after I drive about 20 MPH...occasionally it come back on. Then the SRS light came on steady (around 125-130K miles). Then the brake and ABS light came on and the odometer went blank and speedometer stopped working. Then the lights went our and all was normal again. The "flashing arrow" now comes and goes. Are all of the car's major systems dying or is an electrical computer "brain" failing and in need of replacement? Car being shipped from Europe; need servicing when arrives in SEP.

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Sounds like 2 issues. I would suspect the ABS module is bad, which is very common. So common that there are companies that all they do is rebuild them. This will cause the ABS, Brake, flashing shift arrow and check engine lights to illuminate, and speedometer to stop working.
Low coolant or a bad coolant level sensor is probably causing the radiator light to come on.
Good Luck
So where exactly is the abs module sir thank you I am having the same problem as stated above..