Muffler Replacement

The muffler (exhaust box) is a part of the exhaust system. The muffler reduces the noise created by exhaust gases emitted from the engine.

Exhaust gases are forced out of the engine, routed under the vehicle, and expelled at the rear of the vehicle. Exhaust gas contains a large percentage of water vapor, which over time will rust and degrade the exhaust system.

Holes in the exhaust system may allow exhaust gas to leak into the vehicle. If inhaled, these gases are harmful to its occupants.

The vehicle exhaust system should be inspected periodically for damage that could cause restriction of the exhaust, which may result in a loss of power. The exhaust system should also be periodically inspected for leaks that could become potentially harmful to occupants of the vehicle.

To replace the muffler or other exhaust components, the vehicle is raised to gain access to the under side of the vehicle.

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