Muffler brackets on 2004 Ford Explorer

I had said I needed an estimate on replacing 3 muffler brackets. Your answer "Ask your local muffler dealer" doesn't help me because I am trying to decide if the estimate he gave me is good or bad. What much do mechanics charge per hour? How much is a bracket? Those are the kinds of answers I needed to know.

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Some estimates are very difficult to provide unless you actually see the vehicle. Some parts like "brackets" are too vague to know what you are referring to, so we would be guessing, and that wont be of much help to you. When it comes to exhaust components, they can be repaired in a couple ways, with nuts and bolts or by using a cutting torch and welding, we cannot know what approach your shop is using, therefore we cannot estimate this job appropriately. I can tell you the labor rates in your are will be around $80.00 - $100.00 an hour, depends on where you go. I know this isn't the answer your looking for, but I hope it helps in some way. Good Luck