muffler on 1999 Acura Integra

i broke my muffler and it's making a very loud sound how much would it cost to fix ASAP

by in Brooklyn, NY on September 04, 2010
0 answers
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Have replaced 3 cats on this car at mileage interevals of 120K , 150K and at 172K. Muffler Shop told me Cats are failing because the front and rear oxygen sensors need to repaced. Did... this grinind sound in the wheels it seems........and some poppin from time to time. Also my muffler is puttting.........some. other than that it runs good.
...the exhaust system, same result. In short, replaced entire exhaust system from manifold to the muffler -- and the light is still on. Am I getting ripped off?
iwanna buy a integra off craigslist for project but iwant to know how much it would cost to repipe the exhaust just for the parts though

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