motor turns but wont start on 1996 Jeep Cherokee

The 12 volts that shoud run thru one of the two wires that plugs in to the coil is missing no 12 volts, where shoud it come from? all the fuses are good, Will it start if i put the 12 volts in to the wire?

by in Luquillo, PR on February 02, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 04, 2011
Power to the ignition coils comes from the Auto Shutdown Relay. Test that, it's probably the source of the trouble. The ASD relay gets it's power from 30 amp fuse #20 in the power distribution center under the hood.
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My jeep was fine and now it wont fire. It wont turn over to start. it sounds like its trying, but just wont start. what could it be? i replaced a cap, coil, fuses.
There is no volt going thru nun of the two wires that plugs in to the coil when i turn the switch to on, need to know why and what do thanks. All the fueses are good

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