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2000 Chevrolet Express 2500 Question: motor surging at speeds of 10 to 20 miles an hour

PLEASE DONT ANSWER MY QUESTION WITH JUST A RECOMMENDATION,PLEASE LEAVE IT OPEN FOR SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO. I have codes p0453,p0340,and p1870,the fuel pump pressure is 60 psi with the motor running or just the key turned on and it doesnt bleed off.It is also hard to refuel,the gas pump at the service station keeps shutting off. Ive been working on this van for two years solving all the problems with it,this seems to be the last thing,and it is cutting into my paycheck. PLEASE HELP -
Answer 1
Reset the timing , replacethe FTPS , flush the Trans. and clean the cobwebs out of the fuel tank vent hose. -
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I RECOMMEND this too. What ever engine you got! -
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Thanks,i had this question up before and two people told me to take the car to a master mechanic,wich i can figure out,and then no one else answered,also what is the ftps valve? -
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F uel T ank P ressure S ensor -
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thanks -
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Good luck! -
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I asked this question awhile ago but iam now just working on it,where is the ftps? is it mounted on the fuel pump? -
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At speeds of 10 to 20 miles an hour the motor surges up and down,I have codes p0340,p0453,and p1870,the fuel pump pressure is at 60psi when the motor is running or just with the key on,and stays th...