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2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Question: Motor skips...#4 coil pack not firing...replaced it and still not firing...ideas???

My 01 Mits' Montero 3.0l skips...very obviously the #4 Coil pack is not firing. I replaced it and the same one is not firing...also causes it to hesitate upon engine load. I just bought this vehicle for a good price and am hoping not to have to go to dealer to get "waxed". Are there sensors that would cause computer to not allow this cylinder to fire? Please help...gotta have this fixed or NYS won't inspect it...check engine light is on. -
Answer 1
did you check/replace the spark plug? Zee -
Answer 2
Yes all have been replaced...it doesn't fire through wire at all...even checked without wire...all others fire. This coil pack has the twin electrode...it has three coil packs, and is a 6 cyl. One electrode will fire but the other won't (#4). The clip is a 2 prong deal going to the ignition module. Ty for response -
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There are no other DTC in the ECM? Only the P0304? No codes for cam or crank sensors? The ECM might need to be tested for output to the coil pack, maybe no signal to fire #4. Zee -
Comment 2
It has not been on a diagnostic test...I can have that checked...any possibilities on the codes I should expect??? Again...very much appreciated -