motor oil in spark plugs on 1999 Lincoln Navigator

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I have a 1999 navigator with 88000 mils on it I am have a problem I am getting mototr oil in the spark pluge more towards the back plugs it starts but when I turn it off it wont start due to the plugs wet from oil it does not burn oil either please help
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Sounds like oil is getting past the rings perhaps. Hard to say, but it does sount possible.
past the rings then past the plug threads ? how about a faulty seal on the valve cover gasket coil tube assemtoobly . i like the location of the egr valve tucked in under the firewall. if it fails trade it or drop the engine to replace it . ford wants 800 dollars to change the plugs . too bad in detroit function is trumped by form . gee maybe if they made the vehicle 10 feet longer the engineers could have figured out how to make the engine sensors remotely accessible. did a quick comparison with 3 import vehicles parked nearby they all had room between he rear of the engine and the firewall and all sensors were in plain view/ cmon detroit function first. no need to pay 800 for a plug change in a vehicle as big as a garage just be smarter about using space utilization.way bax in the seventies the chevy monza v8 design buried the engine in the firewall requiring engine pull for rear spark change. looks like the idiot moved from GM to FORD.