1997 Pontiac Trans Sport Q&A

1997 Pontiac Trans Sport Question: motor oil

i have 110,400 miles do i ready need to use high mileage oil or keep using regular oil. -
Answer 1
valvoline 10W30 or Napa brand ( made by valvoline ) 10W30 in the old days there was no such thing as high mileage oil and engines ran for decades -
Answer 2
If you have been changing your engine oil frequently I would stick twith the grade of oil you have up till now been using. If your engine is starting to "burn" oil between oil changes than you could try changing to an oil formulated "for high mileage engines. Oil formulation each are slightly different for different applications sometimes it is just an advertising gimmick. -
Answer 3
Consider using Amsoil full synthetic. You can extend your oil change intervals and save lots of money. Also get superior protection for your engine. www.amsoil.com is the website. You will extend the life of your engine, increase gas mileage and engine will run cooler. Amsoil is no gimmick. It is the first company to come out with a full synthetic lubricant. It's history speaks for its self. -
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its motor oil thats coming out not transmission oil from the vacuum modulator
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