Motor noise when A/C is on on 1996 Lexus ES300

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My 96 ES300 runs perfect and everything works great except for this noise coming from the hood when A/C is on and the car is accelerated, meaning noise occurs only when I step on the gas pedal. This noise sounds very much like engine revving sound. The thing is A/C works fine. What could be wrong, and what kind of repair cost should I expect?
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This car has an electric fan so I may be wrong about the noise. We would have to listen to the car to be sure.
In case I need to replace the A/C compressor, and I bring the part that I buy on internet, what would you charge for replacing (labor only) the A/C compressor and clutch?
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If you want to get your own parts we increase the labor to recover the profit we make on the parts.
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