Motor mounts replacement labor cost. on 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK430

What is the cost estimate to replace motor mounts. I did not see this part listed, so I choose front struts as a close facsimile.

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about 80$ a piece and super easy one 16 mm bolt on top and a 13mm bolt on bottom , remove plastic cover on the underside and both mounts are right there jack engine up thats it...took me 15 min to change both!
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The front strut estimate will not a good example of what a motor mount replacement would cost. We don't quote motor mounts, and we probably wont ever. It's too difficult to determine what mount the user needs, as there can be 3 or 4 different mounts for a given engine. sorry we couldn't help.
I paid well over $500 for the motor mounts, parts and labor. And they are just rubber!
Any used Mercedes is the trap due to very high cost of labor and parts and the secrecy about it. Employees ONLY is one way when customer is not allowed to talk to the mechanic and $120/ hr labor and 100% mark up on part is the reason why normal people should buy ONLY brand new car, covered by factory guaranty or do not buy any Mercedes at all. One of the worst car ever made is Model Convertible CLK 430 not only for gasoline consumption but for mostly faulty electrical design work. This car automatic transmission has no measure stick under hood YOU MUST GO TO THE DEALER. The simple think forces the owner to take off from the job and drive this incredible piece of junk to dealership, you must be scheduled in advance.....I am very unhappy owner of this lemon and will try to sell engine only for some car kit builder or bypass almost all electrical factory work and replace seats with non electric type . Motor mounts should be priced $59 a piece and $120 labor, all around $220. This is why Mercedes spent billions of dollars on ads.The company must somehow get it back.