Motor mounts: How much to repair on my volvo 2003 S60? How many does a S60 have? on 2003 Volvo S60

When shifting from park to drive and reverse, car makes a loud clicking sound and jumps into gear. I thought it may be the transmission, however, a mechanic looked under the hood and said it was the motor mounts and pointed out one that had been broken.

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The S60 has 5 motor mounts. An upper torque mount and lower torque mount. There are 3 mounts supporting the engine, located at the front, left and right side of the engine. Labor to replace all of them should be around 4 hours (will vary by shop since there is no standard time when combining all the mounts).
I would guess the upper torque mount is the one the mechanic showed you, they commonly wear out and break. Was the mount on top of the engine? How many mounts are they recommending?