1997 Buick Park Avenue Q&A

1997 Buick Park Avenue Question: Motor mount doesn't fit; so Trans mount,torque strut what fits here?

This part is located on the left (driver) side, in front of the transmission and behind the radiator. A "V" shaped bracket with 2 points bolted to the same chassie rail under the trans/engine and the third bolted to the foward rail behind the radiator. The foward point encases a rubber square which a bolt is inserted thru stabelizing the trans and motor. 4 parts stores have looked at the part and do not have stock or access. I am told with a part # the part can be ordered. PLEASE don't guess I am requesting serious help. Thanks, Pam -
Answer 1
Hey Pam, I'm assuming there are no part numbers on the part? I use a couple of sites to find part pictures, I found these: http://www.trademotion.com/schematics/A/AB97085.gif http://images.wrenchead.com/smartpages/partinfo_resize/ANH/3065_1.jpg Hope that helps! -