Motor Mount Bracket on 2004 Dodge Neon

In answering my own question re auto tensioner replacement, I have been told 3 steps: 1: Remove engine motor mount bracket; 2: Remove Tensioner; 3: replace pulley. Reassemble in reverse. I need advice/comments on step 1. Please hurry as car has now been out of commission for almost one week!

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Sorry to hear your Neon is off the road.
I just looked at the service manual and was trying to summarize the text but as they say "a picture is worth a thousand words."
Most independent repair shops use either Alldata or Mitchell information systems to get factory information on repair procedures.
I find Alldata really good. They offer a yearly subscription to do it your self people at home. They give you year and model and engine specific information about your Neon, wiring diagrams, component location, service bulletins, and lots more for I thing less than $30 a year, way better than the generic manuals available at parts stores.
Check out
I believe they have a sample vehicle that you can look at.