Motor mount and ABS module cost on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

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I have been given what I think is an outragous estimate to replace two motor mounts and my ABS module. What should I expect to pay to replace the ABS module and motor mounts?
The mechanic took all most a full day to tell me that the ABS module is bad. My ABS light, skid control and brake light came on at the same time a few days ago. The mechanic told me that at first he did not know why the lights were on because his computer could not find an issue. Then he called and said the ABS module needs to be replaced. I think he could not find the root cause and just wants to replace the whole unit.
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I've also gotten an outrageous price for an ABS Module from Toyota and they say "maybe" this is the fix.
You know diagnosing a car is not like going to McDonalds. A good tech, when he is not sure what the problem is he goes to certain websites or calls fellow technicians. It is not as easy as you think to diag theses new vehicles. All these lights can be related to the ABS module. Ask him what the codes are and post them on this website. With the codes we can get a clearer picture of what it might be.