Motor has bad rod. Motor replace labor quoted 20 hrs. What is avg labor quote? on 2002 Hyundai Elantra

Mechanic says it's a bad connecting rod. Quoted $1200 labor, plus $800 parts including old motor w/79K miles on it (3-month warranty on motor).

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Sounds reasonable to me!
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Is that a long block 16hrs, or complete replace with used engine 10hrs. Hum
He said he'll buy a used engine and replace it completely. He also said he'll need to replace the fuel pump as part of the job. I'm only asking because I can't imagine a mechanic working 2 1/2 days to remove/replace a motor already intact. Is that possible?
If I get busy, I can't stay on the engine replacement and it takes more time. Understand this engine is a lot more difficult to remove and replace then you think. There's always something to change when using a used engine.
I'm just talking about the 20 hours. I understand that a mechanic may switch from one job to another, if he's alone or understaffed. I'm just wondering about the 20 hours for this Hyundai engine. He just replaced 1 motor mount, 2 rear brake cylinders and brake line, left & right lower ball joints, left rear strut, both headlight assemblies and the oil 2 weeks ago. Then last week the rapping under the hood became more noticeable. He said this is the first time he's heard that sound. He said the motor is bad, has a bad connecting rod. After spending $1150 for the prior work, I'm hard-pressed to come up w/another $2000 for motor work. Don't even know if I'm throwing good money after bad.
I gave you the times for the job, you're in NH. These times are 'Mitchell' and a standard time guide for all repairs anywhere. You can get a second opinion and price, (wished I could get that kind of money, sure would help my bottom line). If you want to pay 20hrs that's fine with me, I wouldn't.
20 hrs @ $60.00 per, hum. Wondering what a fair price is to do the swap? I dont do them any more! No money in it really, to time consuming.
Yep. Still calls for 10 for swap. Why I quit
Thank-you for all your great advice. I understand there's some lee-way on hours, perhaps a bit more time than 10 hours too (to be fair).