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Moshe's Auto Repair
November 05, 2011

Excellent service, great work, upfront and honest I brought in my subaru impreza right off the street with a massive leak in my powersteering pump. They took care of me the same day. Gave me the estimate up front and called me when the work was done. They will definitely have my repeat business

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Moshe's Auto Repair
October 20, 2011

great service and in a timely fashion.... did a great job on my car, have an Acura that i absolutely love and it needed some body work so i brought it in and they fixed it up for me, it looks brand new, didnt cost me that much, actually was very affordable and i am certainly reccommending this place to all.

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Moshe's Auto Repair
October 06, 2011

Excellent staff, Excellent Service and always there to consult with. We have been taking all our cars to Moshe's Auto Repair since it opened. The staff is great, They do honest and excellent work. I recommend them to everyone I know. The best place to have your car serviced ever !!!

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Moshe's Auto Repair
July 25, 2012

Last month I was about to sell my BMW because it's always in the repair shop. But my friend told me to go call Moshe's and let him diagnose the problem of my BMW. The wirings were changed by Moshe's and there was a loose connection in my engine. AS of today my car is running excellent and I will still keep my BMW. I will never go to a diff repair shop. I've found Moshe's Automotive to be very trustworthy, excellent service and reasonable price. I will recommend Bernie to all my friends and relatives.
Good Work Moshe's and Staff. Keep it UP.

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Moshe's Auto Repair
November 17, 2011

I had a great experience at Moshe's. They were polite, and very timely with the repair of my car. Any questions that I had, they were most helpful. I would recommend Moshe's
to anyone who needs repairs done on their car.

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Moshe's Auto Repair
November 08, 2011

This place is awesome!! You can't get customer service like what they offer anywhere else..

We recently just got into a car accident and the front of my car was wrecked - it's not even drive-able as the radiator fluids were gushing out!! This is the car I used for work and my job requires me to drive around the city 90% of the time so I'm screwed without it. The car got towed directly to their shop right after the incident and well about after 5 business days the car was fixed looking like it just came out of the dealership!!! They did a superb job!!

For the record, I called everyday (while the car was still in the shop) to get a status of the repair and every single time we call there is always someone picking up the phone (Michelle) and giving us info about our car.

Their pricing is also very competitive and they even gave a lifetime warranty for all the repairs they did!!!

I never liked auto shops until we found out about this place!! Shout out to Shai (tow truck guy) who referred us to this place!!!! We know where to go next time we have car troubles..


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Moshe's Auto Repair
April 15, 2013

I got into an accident in west orange, I didn't know what to do..
I called MOSHE'S I took the number from yelp.
MOSHE'S TOW ME FOR FREE TO HIS SHOP and called my insurance company and we open a claim and rental car.
After a week I got my car LIKE NEW!

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Moshe's Auto Repair
October 07, 2010

I had the same experience. My car was disabled in West Orange. I called AAA and they sent out these guys (M&M Towing). I wanted them to take my car to Orange, but the tow truck driver (their best shill) reeled me in to letting me take the car to Moshe's. The repair cost was very high (I am still trying to find out if it was padded), and they wanted to add on extras. Fortunately I said, no thanks, and then checked on this site and found out I was not alone in suspecting they were using AAA to "lure" customers to their repair shop. I will complain to AAA as well, just because the AAA representative on the phone had told me I could have the car towed to Orange. They should know about this practice of changing customer's minds when they are feeling helpless without a car.

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Moshe's Auto Repair
November 06, 2009

This shop misrepresented themselves as a AAA certified shop and tow for AAA, this shop is only authorized to tow for AAA. The work that was done on my car was WWAAYY overpriced.The car was towed because it wouldn't start.Now the car has a hesitation problem that wasn't there before I took it to them. When questioned about it as usual they gave some off the wall answer that was unacceptable, and tried to say my car was in bad shape when it got there.I am very unsatified with this auto shop.They wanted me to bring my car back to them and see if they could try and make things better but after the whole running around expierence when I picked the car up for two hours. The sales pitch from the tow truck driver was very convincing and the only reason it went to them was because my shop was closed. I will take my car to my normal mechanic where I know I won't get ripped off.

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Moshe's Auto Repair
August 05, 2009

AAA Shop. They towed my car. It was supposed to go to my regular mechanic, VR Concepts, who is also on Valley Rd. The Tow Truck Driver talked me into going to his shop. They "fixed" my car in two days and when I picked it up, it wouldn't start. Then they had it for two more days and couldn't figure out what was wrong. This place should be shut down.

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Moshe's Auto Repair
May 08, 2009

Horrible. Way overpriced and shoddy workmanship. Stay clear.

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Moshe's Auto Repair
June 03, 2014

terrible experience. I am a senior citizen and I was still taken full advantage of by these crooks. it was still very cold out and my battery died on my lexus so I called AAA and they sent a tow truck from M&M wich turns out is part of moshes auto repair so they took the car to their lot for wich was supposed to be a battery and when I called they came up with a long list of thing I supposedly needed even though my car was 2 years old and had only 22000 miles on it. in turn they became very nasty when I told them not to touch it and they said I still owed them 600 for the battery and the (diagnostic) and they kept my car hostage so I basically had to pay but then I took it to the dealer afterward and they assured me nothing was wrong and that moshes put a dirt cheap 70$ battery wich was wrong for my car.so ill be taking them to court most likely. this place operates on using AAA to bait people in and rip them off so I would recommend if you live in the area and u call AAA, make sure they don't take it to moshes auto. I recently herd that they finally got a large fine for the way they conduct business but im sure they will just continue on the same way. im amused by the positive reviews in wich im sure the owner of moshes himself wrote

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Moshe's Auto Repair
December 21, 2012

STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS PLACE FOR REPAIRS AND FOR TOWS. When my Dad wanted his car towed by AAA to get his transmission fixed, Moshe's Tow Service told my Dad that their shop could fix it cheaper and better. They told my Dad $1,200 and my Dad believed them. A day into the job they called & said it would now cost $1,800 instead. Then when it was finished my Dad paid them the $1,800 and tried to drive home. The transmission still wasn't fixed!! My Dad took the car back immediately since they have a 12,000 mile warranty. Now they asked for even more money and my Dad refused. More than a year later (I finally had to have the car towed to have it truly repaired) and in that time my Dad's car got vandalized and damaged on Moshe's lot. Another $2,700 later and the car finally works and the vandalism got corrected. In the words of the Mercedes specialists, Moshe's Auto Repair "had no clue what they were doing with a Mercedes diesel transmission". They bait and switched my Senior citizen Dad, they didn't fix what they were supposed too, they didn't honor their warranty and now they also won't refund us our money. To add insult to injury now have the nerve to ask for >$8K since they were "storing my Dad's car". BY ALL MEANS DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM OF THIS LOW INTEGRITY MARGINALLY SKILLED MECHANIC SHOP. We now have no choice but to take them to court. This is the kind of business these guys run and it doesn't matter what kind of car you have, do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.

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Moshe's Auto Repair
June 29, 2011

I wish I had read these other reviews before. I - too- was picked up by M&M Towing and "convinced" to take my car to Moshe's Auto Repair - under the guise that is is AAA approved. Well...just like the other people on this site, 30 days later my car is AGAIN disabled. What's bad is that I was told that they were putting in new parts in my car...and now when I took my car to my mechanic...I am told the parts are not new and the workmanship was SHODDY at best!!! I called Moshe and they wanted me to bring the car back for them to repair! NO WAY!!! What bothers me most is that the parts were not new. BEWARE!!!!

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