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Morgans Mechanical
January 13, 2015

these guys did insurance work for me on my 2005 h2 hummer. them not being able to show insurance co that the car hitting me parked caused the damage to my abs module but ironic enough started having problems the day it came back from body shop pinned me w a $1500 bill after already getting 2k from safeco. ive found online to diagnosis and parts and repair between $600 - $700 based on my zip code that they are in. So I give them a job i could have taken any place and chose them they get a big job which should have been fully covered by safeco and then charge me over twice the amount of average. called tonkin parts and found out the cost for them is $500 and charging me $750 for it and want to charge me about $750 diagnosis which is same as estimate because i can put this part in about 5 minutes from what i saw on you tube. i have a buddy that has this part and will give it to me. then they quote me a $130 restocking fee for it after telling brian to hold up on ordering till i find out about this part from buddy. Is all of this insanity because i drive an expensive vehicle or could nt close strong enough w safeco to cover the fabricated numbers i need to cover. is it my fault it took them lots of man hours to diagnose a problem other shops quoted out from free to $99 to find it was a short in the abs module?? I am not happy at all and now i am paying for a rental at $40 per day till I come up w this money to pay them.
Ive heard about practices like this but first time ive encountered it. thought it was to make a movie funnier had no clue this really happened.

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